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About the
GForce STEM Academy

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the STEM integration of projects in mathematics, physics, and computational skills through a hands-on-minds-on approach; in turn are leveraged in subsequent programs in electronics, design, coding, process improvement, data acquisition, and automation technologies

Our Purpose

The purpose of GForce STEM  Academy is an innovative experiential youth development center. Our objective is to use it in school and after-school robotic courses. While developing a system to engage future innovators, engineers, scientist, and their teachers.

What is STEM?

STEM is an acronym that represents the academic disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.


The demand for STEM-related jobs, such as chemical engineering or statistician, is on the rise. However, there has been a significant decline in the number of middle and high-school-aged students interested in STEM. Many students look at STEM-related school subjects, such as mathematics or engineering, and think it's too hard for them. As a result, there are not enough STEM graduates to fulfill the growing demand from our society. 

The GForce STEM Club aims to teach valuable STEM skills through our public workshops. We teach problem-solving in workshops like Intro to Computer Programming and Mathematics. Participate in FTC Robotics or (Yo)unity Bot, and you'll learn how to design and troubleshoot a robot capable of moving autonomously. While our workshops are open to anybody, our Girls Engineering workshop focuses specifically on women in STEM. Our STEM Career Fair offers students the ability to explore different STEM careers by talking to industry professionals. We have workshops that teach every aspect of STEM so that students are better prepared for a STEM career in the future.

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Vision Statement

GForce STEM is an EdTech organization that introduces STEM education to middle and high school students in underprivileged communities. A subsidiary of Springwall Learning Solutions, GForce STEM is a student-run organization. Student interns train in selected pathways and become equipped to teach workshops in these pathways in both during-school-year and summer programs. Former GForce STEM student interns have been accepted at a number of top engineering schools and elite universities in the US. GForce STEM operates in Connecticut.

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