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Think. Code. Create.

Join our free online workshop. No prior experience required.

" Everyone should learn to code. It teaches you how to think "

- Steve Jobs

Code powers everything.

Want to create a website? How about the next hit mobile app? What about computer systems capable of learning on their own? Then you need to learn to code. The best way to communicate with a computer is to learn it's language.

Learn a powerful language.

This workshop teaches C#, a powerful and versatile programming language from Microsoft. C# is used to create desktop applications, web sites, games, and now even mobile apps. In addition, you'll learn how to utilize Microsoft's popular .NET framework to build powerful and flexible applications with minimal code. 

Use industry standard tools.

This workshop uses Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, a powerful software development environment that makes writing and fixing code intuitive. This is the same tool professional software developers use.


But highly supportive.

Coding is hard, and learning to code is even harder. This workshop is taught by educated STEM students passionate about both programming and teaching. The course is highly structured, and you get access to exclusive online tutorial videos, coding challenges, self-check quizzes, and more.

Learn with experienced instructors.

Have a question on how a code works? Questions about Cyber security issues and challenges?

Experienced Leaders who are dedicated will show you the process; you will learn how to succeed in the technological world, the instructors are here to help.

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