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Young Ballerinas
5 ESUMS seniors hosting a 4-week program in which 15 5th-8th girls will take part in numerous STEM-based activities and meet professionals currently invested in the STEM field. No payment required. 
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Our Mission

We wish to encourage the bright minds of young girls to feel confident when exploring STEM fields. From robots and coding to science and real-world applications, we hope to help build strong women ready for the STEM field.

 A Unique Approach

Our program is a mixture of hands-on projects, online simulations, and always fun interactions with professionals. We have planned games, powerpoints, and take home projects exploring different areas of STEM that apply to everyday life. 

Science Courses
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The representation of females in STEM fields is staggering low, even though there are enough girls interested in careers. We want to challenge the stigma that achieving a STEM degree after highschool is unlikely, by presenting professionals who are living proof of successful women in STEM.  

Join Our 4 Week Program!

2/4/23 - 2/25/23
4 to 6 PM

Ready for this year's semester? Join the coaches in hands-on classes after school on Mondays for four weeks, with coding, building, science, and more!


Want more information?

Take a look at our syllabus:

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