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Meriden STEM Internship & STEM Saturdays Workshop 

July 5- August 16, 2023 
305 Center Street, Meriden, CT. 06450

Our Mission 

This six weeks STEM Saturday free program was designed to teach critical STEM-based problem-solving skills to both a team of middle & high school students as well as younger-aged students from all over the world. In these six week workshops, teams of students will be tasked to assemble and fly a GPS, crash avoidance and remote-controlled and mission guided robot.

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Here's our Media Release Form please fill out before arriving at the event:

Project Description 

The STAR RISE innovations build 21st-century skills through hands-on, project-based learning that immerses students in technology-enabled activities in a workspace environment with the teacher acting as CEO and students acting as “employees” with the job titles and work functions. The teacher or mentor brainstorms with the students to identify various team responsibilities that will be needed to complete a proposed project including those jobs that are specifically related to a particular project or needed for running and managing a typical company. The students are allowed to fill any positions assigned based on their current level of experience, interest, and skill. Once all of the students have been assigned yo the various business team position, the teacher/mentor will consult with age students individually go establish benchmarks for acceptable performance in their species in their specific team responsibilities. Each project involves student collaboration with mentors, university interns, and an external agency whom the students are accountable for project deliverables. In addition to the job-specific responsibilities, all students are expected to be punctual in their daily attendance, manage their time on task effectively, and maintain a “professional” level of behavior and decorum throughout the program. Students are also required to record their daily activities in a journal and document their accomplishments in an ePortfolio that also serves as their electronic resume. 

Our Team 

James Maciel


Jaiden Fletcher 


Yomar Perez 


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