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Nia Antoine
Current Organization Leader

Nia Antoine attends the Engineering & Science University Magnet School as a junior, where she has demonstrated exceptional leadership capabilities. Notably, she played a pivotal role as a key collaborator in organizing ESUMS's first career exploration fair, showcasing her proactive approach and commitment to fostering educational opportunities. With an unwavering dedication to bridging gaps in STEM education accessibility, Nia fervently advocates for providing learning opportunities to individuals who may not have routine access to STEM curriculum. While her academic trajectory does not align with engineering, her passion lies in animal science, a field she ardently pursues. Nia adeptly intertwines her interests in animal science with her coursework, seamlessly integrating her passion into her engineering and flight classes, thus showcasing her interdisciplinary approach to learning and commitment to her academic pursuits.


Mari Arnold
Public Relations Scientist and STEM Saturday Mentor

Mari is a junior at ESUMS and an avid coder with experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Python, React, R, C++, jQuery, node, Bootstrap, SQL, and Scratch. In the future, she plans to attend college with majors in Neuroscience and Computer Science.


Temiladeoluwa Adeniran
STEM Research Lead and STEM Saturday Mentor



Diego Marks 
STEM Saturdays Mentor

Diego is a senior at ESUMS. Diego spends a lot of time working on various vehicles such as cars, pickup trucks, lawnmowers, tractors, and others. His hobbies include tractor pulling, ATV riding, and diesel performance. In the future, he plans attend UCONN for forestry and start a business in land clearing after college. 


Tyler Jacobs
STEM Saturdays Mentor

Tyler is a senior at ESUMS and plans to study Aerospace Engineering in college and hopes to work for Lockheed Martin Sikorsky in the near future. He enjoys 3D printing, model rocketry, fishing, and carpentry. He has experience with residential and commercial plumbing, aeronautical engineering, woodworking, robotics, and product design.


Rafael Gutierrez
FTC Coordinator

Rafael is a junior at ESUMS. He is an exemplary student taking many engineering courses this year including robotics, computer networking, and digital electronics. Some of his hobbies are playing guitar and drums, playing sports, and playing video games.


Dr. Didacus Oparoacha

Founder Springwall Learning Solutions

Community IOT System Designer, STEM School Incubator and Academy Project Lead, XMPR Global Flight & Space Initiative!

Conrad Hansen-Quartey

Club Advisory Board - Vanderbilt University (TN)

Conrad Hansen-Quartey is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science at Vanderbilt University. During his senior year, he served as president and project engineer over multiple projects. This entailed preparing content for and teaching workshops in his respective projects, as well as coordinating intern training sessions to equip interns with the necessary skills to lead their own workshops.

Shreya Patel

Club Advisory Board - Rochester Institute of Technology (NY)

​Shreya is a college student working towards pursuing a career in engineering. She was an integral part of the club during her senior year in high school. Shreya worked to organize group meetings and keep everyone on task with their projects. She says the experience was very beneficial for her and that she's already applying what she learned in the club to her coursework in college.

Danayit Mekonnen

Club Advisory Board - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (FL)

​Danayit Mekonnen was part of the internship that started the GForce STEM club where she worked on the mechanical aspect of the (Yo)unity Bot as well as the cost analysis. She served on the Advisory Board of the club and worked to implement the (Yo)unity Bot into middle schools in the New Haven and Meriden CT areas. 

Danayit is extremely passionate about astrophysics, aerospace engineering and robotics. Besides GForce STEM and school work, she loves building competitive robots. During her time in high school she served as the Captain of the ESUMS FRC (First Robotics Competition) team.

Dr. James P K Dzandzi

Bruce Goldson

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Reginald Alexis
Springwall STEM Coordinator

Reginald Alexis is a Certified Teacher that has been in the New Haven Public School District for eleven years. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in MIS (Management Information System) from Southern Connecticut State University, and obtained his Masters in Education from the University of Bridgeport. Prior to becoming a teacher, Reginald worked in the corporate world for AvalonBay Communities and FedEx Office and Print Center. He likes to travel, play trumpet and spend time with my family.


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Patricia Joseph

Former FTC Co-Leader, G-Force Stem Summer Camp Leader

Patricia Joseph graduated from ESUMS, class of 2022, and her main interests lie in biochemistry and molecular biology. She is currently attending Yale University.

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Aiman Anuar

Former FTC Co-Leader, G-Force Stem Summer Camp Leader

Aiman Anuar graduated from ESUMS, class of 2022, and his academic areas of interest are mechanical engineering, mathematics, and physics. He is currently attending Harvard University.

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Atziyadet Cervantes 


Atziyadet Cervantes, graduated from ESUMS, class of 2022. In the future she is interested in pursuing within the science and medical fields. Two words to describe her are creative and resourceful. 

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Jaiden Fletcher
FTC Coordinator, Girls Robotics Academy

Jaiden graduated from ESUMS, class of 2022. She is interested in perusing her dreams in the medical field. She is currently attending Sacred Heart University.

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Logan Antonio Davila-Sanabria


Logan Antonio Davila-Sanabria graduated from ESUMS, class of 2022. He enjoys Math and English. He is a hard worker and very motivatived. 

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Laxmi Patel

Former President, STEM Fair, Summer Internship 2019

Laxmi Patel is a student at the Gateway Community College and aspires to work in the medical field in the future. She led the STEM fair along with Jai Johnson in the past. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, watching sunsets/sunrises, playing chess, and spending time with friends and family.

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Aboubacar Kourouma


Aboubacar Kourouma graduated from ESUMS class of 2021, and currently goes to the University of Southern California. He enjoys both the realms of science and business. He is also very passionate about his community and helping others succeed. 

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Jai Johnson


Jai graduated from ESUMS class of 2021, and led the STEM Fair program along with Laxmi. In the future, she hopes to pursue mechanical engineering. In her free time, she enjoys reading manga and spending time with her family. 

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James Maciel 


James graducated from ESUMS class of 2021, and is interested in pursuing his dreams as an Airforce Pilot. He is very passionate about his work and attends Trinity College. 

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Oscar Cajaraville 


This is Oscar Cajaraville, he's graducated from ESUMS as class of 2021. He is inspired to become a programmer/ engineer in the future. He is also very passionate about his education. 

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Gabriel Reed

This is Gabriel Reed, he has graduated from ESUMS as part of the class of 2019. He plans on perusing a degree in Mechanical Engineer in the Space Flight Industry. He is curious and very passionate about engineering and robotics.   

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Yamila Jain

FTC, Girls Robotics Academy

Yamila Jain graduated from ESUMS as class of 2021, and attends the University of Connecticut. She was an Intern for the G-force summer program this summer. She is also a part of the FTC team and was a part of STEM Career Fair. Outside of school she enjoys to travel and wishes to pursue a career in the Medical field.

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Korey Kornegay
FTC Leader of the Programming Team

This is Korey Kornegay, he has graduated from ESUMS as class of 2020. He is interested in perusing a career in medicine. Preferably pediatric genetics. This is his second year being apart of the FTC team and he hopes to continue this year as a programmer.

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Yomar Perez

FTC Leader of the Mechanical Team

Yomar Perez graduated from ESUMS as class of 2021, and he is interested in perusing his dreams in programming. He is very motivated and focus. 

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Daniella Lebron

Co-President, Website Developer, GForce Summer Internship, Girls in STEM, (Yo)Unity Bot

Daniella Lebron graduated from ESUMS as class of 2021, and she is the proud website developer and Co-President for the G-Force team! When she's not exploring engineering, she's drawing or building with her hands. She wishes to go to school for Mechanical Engineering and art to become an animator or Imagineer at Disney.

Outside of school she works at the Peabody Museum under SciCorps and is an Alto in Yale's Morse Chorale. She hopes to help inspire as many young minds as she can to join the STEM path through running the G-Force Summer Internship program. She currently attends the University of Connecticut.

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Aida Mohd Khairi

Girls in STEM, (Yo)unity Bot, Summer Internship

Aida graduated from ESUMS as class of 2021 and attends the University of New Haven. She is the co-director of Girls In STEM. She loves biology, art and female activism. She aspires to pursue a career in Veterinary Care. Aida is also a current member of Yale Hemispheres and works at the Peabody Museum under Sci.CORPS.

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Eva Heaphy

Girls in STEM, (Yo)unity Bot, Summer Internship

Eva Heaphy graduated from ESUMS as class of 2021, and attends McGill University. She was the co-captain and founding member of the Girls in STEM program. She's an aspiring neurosurgeon who loves learning new languages. Outside of school, she leads as a senior dancer at the Mulkerin School of Irish Dance and can often be found engaging in long distance swim training. She hopes Gforce will help her engage in the New Haven community provide new experiences in the STEM field. 


Aly Frechette

Girls in STEM, (Yo)unity Bot, Summer Internship

Aly graduated from ESUMS as class of 2021. She attends the University of Connecticut and enjoys learning about the STEM field and participating in projects relating to STEM. Although Aly is unsure about what career she wants to pursue, she is all about learning new things and being an advocate for girls in STEM careers. She is currently also participating in Science Olympiad, Debate, and Yale Hemispheres.

Anthony Vendrella

Drone Instrumentation

Anthony Vendrella is a senior at West Haven High School. He enjoys engineering, math, and science. He wants to become a civil engineer in the future.

Shankara Abbineni

Drone Instrumentaion

Shankara is currently a senior and is passionate about technology. He thinks that technology can change anything and if used properly, will be a huge help to society. Some of his interests are new, emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence. He spends much of his free time making robots using the Arduino and Raspberry Pi frameworks. He also participates in the debate club and Science Olympiad.

Joshua Okoli

Drone Instrumentation

​Joshua Okoli is a senior at ESUMS, a school he's been attending since grade 6. He enjoys building hands-on projects and spending time with family. He aspires to become a mechanical engineer when he's older.

Benjamin Accorda

Drone Instrumentaion

​Benjamin Accorda is currently a senior at ESUMS. He's developed an interest for topics such as programming, engineering, and science. He plans to pursue a career in Software engineering or Cyber Security, and he looks forward to working on GForce STEM.

Ahmed Khan

Drone Instrumentation

Ahmed is currently a senior at ESUMS. He's developed an interest for topics such as engineering, biology, and science. He currently participates in Science Olympiad, Debate, and Yale Hemispheres. He plans to pursue a career in medicine or engineering, and he looks forward to working on GForce STEM.

Myles Tamborra-Walton


Myles Tamborra-Walton is a senior at ESUMS. Myles is interested in engineering and hopes that ESUMS and GForce STEM can help him reach his goal of becoming an engineer. He is currently a part of the Hill House basketball team. Myles hopes that his participation in GForce will make him a better person and student.

Reuel Masoperh

(Yo)unity Bot, Mathematics, Drones

​Reuel Masoperh is a senior at ESUMS. He likes to do group work and actively cooperate in hands-on activities. He loves to play soccer and enjoys many other sports. He is working hard to pursue an engineering course for the future with the help of the GForce STEM internship.

Neeko Rosete

Intro to Programming

​Neeko Rosete is a senior at ESUMS. He enjoys coding in his free time and wishes to pursue a career that involves programming, such as a Software Engineer for Google. When he's not coding he's outside playing soccer. 

Hizami Anuar

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Amir-Hizami Anuar is currently a senior at ESUMS. His extracurriculars outside of G-Force include Science Olympiad, Debate Club, and the Math Team (of which he is co-captain). Last year, Hizami's work mostly pertained to drones, assembling a list of parts to create a starter kit for students looking to build and program their own drones from scratch. This year, Hizami is a Project Engineer for the Mathematics project, and also a member of the Phytomining project. Hizami hopes to contribute fresh and unique ideas to his projects, and help strengthen the areas in which the projects may be lacking.

Prastik Mohanraj

Yale University

Prastik Mohanraj has graduated from Esums and is now a student at Yale University. He is a hands-on, experiential learner, who has a strong mind for mathematics, biology, and chemistry. He aspires to pursue a career in biomedical engineering or medicine. Prastik worked on the (Yo)unity Bot project last year and is the Project Leader for the Mathematics project this year. He is highly enthusiastic about the GForce STEM Club and wishes to continue in this program in the coming years as well. 

Salaar Rabbani

University of Connecticut

Salaar has graduated from Esums and is now a student at University of Connecticut. He has been in the GForce STEM club for a few years. He has a natural passion for technology and robotics.  In his free time, he writes and creates video games along with working on other computer-related projects. He is also a member of the ESUMS FRC Robotics team and has been for about 3 years.  He is currently working on a tool for repairing phones and small technology. He aspires to go to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and wants to major in astrophysics. 

Alex Rakov

Yale University

Alex Rakov will be graduating 2019 from ESUMS.  She enjoys biology and hopes to one day study forensic science and become a forensic pathologist.  She is a member of her school's science Olympiad and debate club, and she's a member of the mathematics team on GForce STEM.  In her free time she likes doing martial arts and spending time with her friends and family.

Edward Annatone


Edward Annatone is a senior at ESUMS; he will be graduating ESUMS in 2019. He has been a member of the ESUMS 5142 robotics team for 3 years now and is in his first year as a member of the debate team. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, camping, and watching movies. This year he is a member of the GForce STEM Mathematics Team. 

George Shelton

Project Engineer: FTC

​George is one of the founding members of the STEM club. He’s passionate about electrical engineering, and he is currently working on the electrical systems behind the (Yo)unity Bot. George does excellent work researching affordable electrical components so that the (Yo)unity Bot can be as accessible as possible.

Austin Cepalia

Project Engineer: Computer programming & Video production

Austin is one of the founding members of the GForce STEM Club. He is the lead instructor of the Intro to Programming workstop, and he also hosts GForce's online-exclusive course, Intro to Video Production.

Austin is passionate about engineering, software development, digital media, and robotics. When he's not working on the STEM Club or schoolwork, he produces videos for his YouTube channel, where he uses Arduino and Raspberry Pi systems to teach programming to 2,500+ subscribers.

Maxwell Kwashie

FTC Robotics and (Yo)unity Bot

Maxwell Kwashie is a 17 year old student currently from East Haven, Connecticut. He's a graduate from East Haven High School where he plays soccer, runs track & field, and is a member of SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions).  He also plays an instrument outside of school. This is his first time being a part of the GForce STEM program. He looks forwards to the experiences he will gain from working on the FTC and (Yo)untiy Bot projects.

William Hopkins


​Will is very interested in mechanical engineering and robotics. In his free time he practices building computers and working with technology. He is also a member of the ESUMS FTC Robotics team. He is currently working on a tool for repairing phones and small technology. 

Logan Colberg


Logan Colberg is an impassioned student who seeks the furthering of his engineering skills with the GForce STEM club. He has been a participant for over a year where he helped to develop the latest version of the (Yo)unity Bot and wishes to proceed with the next. Logan plans to attend university in hopes to work in the robotics engineering field. Logan is currently the Senior Patrol Leader of his boy scout troop (453) and the mechanical captain of his FRC robotics team (5142) where he is able to stretch his legs in the world of leadership. He is excited for a new year with the GForce STEM club and cannot wait to begin working.

Matthew Ryan

Phytomining and FTC Robotics

Matthew Ryan is a junior at ESUMS, and a part of the Phytomining and FTC groups. He is interested in Robotics and Mathematics. In his spare time, he can be found be working on Karate or playing whatever game interests him at the time.

Mikayla Osumah

FTC Robotics and (Yo)unity Bot

Bryce Corey


Bryce Corey is a graduate from the Engineering & Science University Magnet School. In his free time he builds drones and researches different technology components for future things he plans to build. He aspires to become a mechanical engineer.

Erica Jones

Youth Rehab; STEM Sistas

Erica Jones is a graduate from the Engineering & Science University Magnet School. Last summer she participated in the Summer Manufacturing Internship in which she played the role of the Public Relations leader of the (Yo)unity bot 3.0. This job consisted of detailed research and notes in formulating parts for this innovation, updating websites, and capturing the process of the electrical, programming, and mechanical groups. Erica enjoys designing and remodeling websites while being an advocate for STEM programs.

Jackie Salgado

Youth Rehab

​Jacqueline Salgado is a graduate from ESUMS high school. She loves science is apart of the National Honor Society and of the Robotics club. Outside of school, se takes different science courses with a Yale Pathways to Science group and runs track and cross country for Wilbur Cross High School. In the future, Jacqueline hopes to be a Physician Assistant.

Nick Unger

Project Engineer: Computer Programming

Nick Unger is a graduate from ESUMS and a current member of the GForce STEM club, specializing in coding and the (YO)unity Bot. Nick is passionate about computer science and loves the possibilities that a technology driven world brings. In his spare time, however, he’s probably found logging hours into whatever game he’s currently obsessed with.

Lindsay Guity

Samuel Rosas

Alumni - Attends The University of New Haven

Michelle Jain

Youth Rehab

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Aurelia Keberle

Former Organization Co-leader, FRC, STEM Saturdays Co-leader, STEM Summer Camp Leader 

Aurelia is a freshman at Yale University, and her main interests lie in bioengineering and music. Outside of school, she enjoys singing in choir, playing high school varsity lacrosse, and spending time with friends. She is very excited to share her passion for STEM with the next generation of changemakers.


Praneeth Chitirala 

Former Organization Co-leader, FRC, STEM Saturdays Co-leader, STEM Summer Camp Leader

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Mohamed Elrefaei 


Mohamed Elrefaei creates and tests programs, builds and designs robots, and participates in the FIRST Robotics Competition for Team 5142. He wants to pursue Aerospace engineering with an emphasis on the robotics aspect, such as spacecraft.

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