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An affordable robotics kit that allows anyone to experience robotics, regardless of skill or social status. Promotes creativity, innovation, and problem-solving skills which are valuable to have in the 21st century.


Girls in STEM

We wish to encourage the bright minds of young girls to feel confident when exploring STEM fields. From robots and coding to science and real-world applications, we hope to help build strong women ready for the STEM field.

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FTC Robotics

This group develops innovation and problem-solving skills directly related to careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics through building and programming a small robot that competes with other robots to complete complex tasks.


Our back-to-school STEM Fair is a free virtual program that will be primarily run through Zoom and/or Google Classroom. STEM Fair has always been run by high school students for younger students, we hope to inspire the youth about different career paths they can pursue in the future.


Intro to Computer Programming

online exclusive

This workshop is taught by educated STEM students passionate about both programming and teaching. The course is highly structured, and you get access to exclusive online tutorial videos, coding challenges, self-check quizzes, and more.

Drone Instrumentation

The Drone Instrumentation class at GForce STEM is perfect for students who are interested in flight, robotics, programming, and simulations. We will be using the engineering design provided to design and build our very own drones.

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