STEM Fair 


The STEM Fair is a free 5-Saturday program with fun, educational labs and activities to explore the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. From our interactive, hands-on program taught by high school students, we hope to inspire students about different career paths they can pursue in the future. Click the link below to sign up!
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Jai Johnson

Our Team

Laxmi Patel

Aboubacar Kourouma

STEM Fair Fall 2019

Introductory Day:
Everyone had a great time! We played Pictionary, Infectious Handshake and other ice breaker games to get students comfortable with each other and us. We couldn't wait  to show students what we had planned for next week!
Science Day:
What is density? Who discovered it? We taught students all about density through an interactive lesson and they even created their own density columns. Students also had so much fun learning about the science behind slime and making their own! We couldn't wait to show them what we had in store for next week!
Technology Day:
We started the day inspiring students  about programming with our spotlight for the day, Ada Lovelace. Students had lots of learning about pseudo code. Then, with a partner, they wrote a pseudo code for what they would create in the afternoon. They used their pseudo code in the afternoon to create a game or animation of their own. They couldn’t wait to present there creations next class!
Engineering Day:
The day students were most excited for had come! Marshmallow toothpick towers! In the morning the student presented their Scratch creations and then we moved to the more exciting activity we had planned. Each team of two had 45 minutes to build and then they learned about the importance of shape in civil engineering.