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STEM Fair 


Science. Technology. Engineering. Math. 

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Our back-to-school STEM Fair is a free virtual program that will be primarily run through Zoom and/or Google Classroom. Within the two weeks, each letter of STEM will have two lessons, in addition to two days with fun games and answering questions students have about different fields within STEM. STEM Fair has always been run by high school students for younger students, we hope to inspire the youth about different career paths they can pursue in the future. Click the link below to sign up!
Sign up for the STEM Fair here:
Want to see what we've done in the past? 
Take a look at our first wave of STEM Fair 

Our Team


Jai Johnson

Lead Instructor

Laxmi Patel

Lead Instructor

Abou Kourouma

Social Development Coordinator

Yamila Jain

Parent Contact Coordinator
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