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An affordable robotics kit for STEM education


Our First Project

The (Yo)unity Bot is a $55 robotics kit aimed at teaching anyone the basics of STEM robotics. The kit comes with everything you need to get up and running with robotics, including structural pieces, wires, motors, a microcontroller, and much more. We hope this affordable kit will help open new opportunities for anyone, particularly those in impoverished communities who would otherwise not have an opportunity to experience new innovative technology like this. Whether you are a teacher interested in bringing robotics to your classroom or a stay-at-home mom, the (Yo)unity Bot has something to offer for you.

Mechanical Freedom

The (Yo)unity Bot is all about inspiring creativity and innovation, which is why the kit contains fully-modular components. This allows the user to build their robot however they like. We use durable pipe cleaners and Coroplast plastic to create rigid structures that will stay together, even when your robot is moving at high speeds! The kit includes various different shape cut-outs, 2 rubber wheels, 1 caster wheel, and various flex joints and wooden rods so you can assemble your robot however you see fit.

Programming and Electrical

For many people, the most intimidating parts of robotics are the programming and electrical systems. We make it easy to get started with our extensive online resources, including how-to manuals, diagrams, and more than 15 instructional videos that will take you from a box of parts to a fully-autonomous robot. We walk you through the process of building the robot, wiring the motors and motor controller, and finally programming the bot to move on its own. Our kit is based on the open-source Arduino™ platform, which makes it easy for beginners to get up-and-running learning how to code.

Field-Tested Curriculum 

In addition to being just a kit of robotics parts, the (Yo)unity Bot comes with a fully-customizable curriculum which makes it easy for teachers to introduce robotics to their students, even with no robotics experience. The curriculum includes pre and post-knowledge assessments, worksheets, and other educational resources designed to help students build strong STEM and problem-solving skills. We've packed the curriculum with our extensive online resources which makes it easy for students to master concepts, even if they're stuck on something.

Are You Interested?

We think you will love the (Yo)unity Bot, and we're working daily to make it even better for our customers. If you are interested in purchasing a kit(s) or you just want to learn more, contact us and we'll get back to you shortly.

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